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About Our Service Charge

We would like to express our gratitude to you first, our mahalagang suki. It is with your support that makes it possible for our team to create the magical experiences that we strive towards here at our home away from home. We are a team of hospitality professionals who have dedicated countless hours in honing our craft, whether that is anticipating your needs at the dining table, preparing the food that is both novel and nostalgic, or maintaining the house so that you can feel fully comfortable during your visit here.

Unfortunately, restaurant workers are among the most vulnerable groups in the labor force. Lobbying bodies have repeatedly fought against our wages and benefits. Our jobs are worthy of the same respect as everybody else’s. We are all people despite what systemic inequities try to tell us. We are not unskilled. We are professionals. We are active members of our communities. We are aspiring or current homeowners with families. We are current or aspiring business owners. We are people who dream to beautify our world and make it kinder. We advocate for change, and we start here.



How much is the service charge and where does it go?

We apply a 20% service charge to all checks. It is property of the restaurant and not considered gratuity. It is a taxed income of the restaurant that will be used towards the hourly wages of all employees.

Why do you do a service charge?

The traditional labor model in restaurants has historically been and is currently unjust and inequitable. With the service charge model, we can pay everybody at least the state minimum wage which then allows us to distribute the tips to the entire house, helping to close the wage gap between departments. This model is not unique to this restaurant. Many fast casual and fast food restaurants that accept tips operate this way and many full service restaurants around the country are beginning to implement this change.

What if I don’t agree with this establishment’s stance on labor reform and equitable pay?

As a guest in our home, we welcome you in unconditionally. Please tell your server that you do not agree with our service charge and we will remove it from your bill.

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