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Pinakbet: Mixed Vegetables Sauteed with Shrimp Paste

Meaning "to shrivel" Pinakbet is a traditional dish made with ingredients like garlic, onion, tomatoes, eggplant, Chinese long beans, okra, squash and bitter melon. The defining flavor not only comes from the freshness of the ingredients, but also the shrimp paste used to add salt and a seafood taste.

Anyway, let's eat!

1) We suggest watching the video in its entirety before starting so you have a sense of what you will do. Don't be afraid to pause, rewind and replay often. Most customers have done this and said it's super helpful so they don't feel surprised when time comes to cook.

In case you don't have a rice cooker, here's a video on how to make rice in a pot

2) Gather the ingredients and cookware you will need to start. Make sure you have everything. Please note the Prep times and Cook times so you can plan accordingly.

For reference, here is the list:

3) Ready? Watch the video and follow along as Chef Joseph shows you how to make Pinakbet!

4) Tag a picture on Facebook or Instagram and let us know your thoughts at

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